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Argan oil for a most attractive beard

The beard has become very popular again on men’s faces. Various colors, sizes and styles, one thing is certain: you have to know how to wear it as well as how to care for it! In this article, we will cover the benefits of using argan for a well-groomed beard. Argan is a 100% natural source, its essential fatty acids are concentrated at 80% which gives softness, shine, hydration and flexibility to the beard. Moreover, as it is so fine, it acts on the follicles, strengthening them from the root, so that it also thickens them to gradually give you a full facial hair.

Did you know that the properties of argan oil are very extensive? We find in particular vitamins, minerals, fatty acids that also contribute generously to facial skin care. In addition to stylizing the beard by making it more malleable, argan fights against the signs of aging by stimulating the oxygenation of the skin, bringing luminosity, suppleness and softness to the face.

Argan oil for beard is distinguished by its golden color and there are different sizes available on the market, thus those of Naturesse, offered in small 30 ml bottles. Why such small presentations? Because a few drops are enough to cover a beard that is quite voluminous.

How to use argan oil?

Certainly in the beard, because that’s what this article is about! Do not be mistaken, argan oil contributes a lot to the care of hair, face, hands and nails, its use is wide and can even be ingested, that’s why this element is becoming more and more popular and many writings relate its benefits. But let’s not get lost and stay focused on this part of the face! Simply apply a few drops of argan oil on the beard and it will have an instant impact on the look and malleability of the hair while providing an intoxicating scent.

But beyond its aesthetic contribution to men’s faces, argan beard oil also acts to counter itching during growth, thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants. Simply put a few drops in your hands, rub them and apply them evenly to the cheeks, then comb the beard and let it work. You will notice the soothing effect instantly. If you suffer from dandruff in this area, you will also find it to be an excellent natural controller.

Another advantage is that it is an extremely fine oil, therefore capable of stimulating the deep layers of the skin, without making it oily, thus avoiding the development of acne breakouts.

An impressive and healthy beard with Naturesse products 

Having very specialized and unique products, you can get argan oil for beard at Naturesse. Its 30 ml formats can be chosen in several options. This first product is scented with musk. Its composition integrates precious and organic argan oil, combined with almond and castor oils.

While strengthening the beard, it stimulates areas where there is little hair. Its pipette facilitates the application. Simply rub in the hands and apply to clean beard, then style.



This product is of high quality and is therefore guaranteed free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, methylisothiazoline (MIT), OMGs, phthalates, petrochemical derivatives and chemical solvents.

This second beard oil, certified organic and 100% natural, has a slight odor of argan nut that fades without interfering with the odors of other perfumes.



It should be applied on a clean beard and healthy skin. Thanks to its properties, it does not leave a greasy feeling, while it acts on the dermis to rejuvenate the skin. Thanks to its large quantity of essential unsaturated fatty acids, it is able to regenerate tissues. By bringing a subtle rejuvenation to the face.

Finally, this last argan oil for beard integrates natural green tea to provide essential care. The antibacterial properties of green tea help care for the skin, in addition to stimulating blood circulation in the area of application.

It will also stimulate the hydrolipidic layer of the facial skin, which increases oxygenation, thus improving the elasticity and softness of the face.

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