Offrez du bien-être avec les coffrets cadeaux Naturesse !

Offer wellness with Naturesse gift sets!

It’s fascinating to think about, but the skin is the largest organ of the human body and its main function is to protect our whole being. It also helps to maintain a stable body temperature and allows us to appreciate the sense of touch! When you think about it, it’s best to take good care of it!

Unfortunately, there are many people who suffer from skin problems. Dryness, flaking or high sensitivity to the use of certain products are just some of the problems that people suffer from and that affect the well-being of our precious skin.

The good news is that there are products of natural origin that will help you pamper your skin in an exceptional and incredible way: argan oil and prickly pear oil. At Naturesse, we are experts in this field and we offer you unique cosmetic products of very high quality, of natural and organic origin, made from ingredients your body needs to be healthy.

December is just around the corner; Christmas and the holiday season is fast approaching! Have you ever thought about what to give to your loved ones and maybe yourself? Knowing that taking care of your skin is fundamental, we offer you the opportunity to offer a gift of well-being to your loved ones with Naturesse gift sets!

You didn’t know we had gift sets? Read on to discover the sets that will be perfect to offer as gifts to your loved ones!

"Naturesse Night Beauty" gift set“Naturesse Night Beauty” gift set

Our first proposal is the fabulous “Naturesse Night Beauty“. Inside this magnificent packaging, you will find a bottle of natural argan oil with orange blossom and a fabulous regenerating night cream made from argan oil with a rich musk fragrance.

This set would make an excellent gift for this festive season, no doubt about it! Below, we present the two products.

Argan oil with orange blossom

It is an excellent skin treatment. The combination of argan oil and orange blossom is phenomenal: argan oil has moisturizing and revitalizing properties, while orange blossom acts as a tranquilizer and relaxant, not to mention its rich aroma.

This product, thanks to its natural and organic ingredients, is excellent for the face, for its lightening effect (if you continue to use it, you will notice that your complexion is clearer and more radiant); and for massages, for its tranquilizing/relaxing properties.

Argan oil is also rich in vitamin E, making it an excellent antioxidant, regenerator and skin rejuvenator. Not to mention its moisturizing properties. It is also very useful for hair and nail care.

Application of Argan Oil to Orange Blossom

The application of Argan Oil with Orange Blossom is really very simple: just apply a few drops of the product on all the parts of your body that need to be moisturized. The result will be incredible: a nourished, rejuvenated, totally hydrated and delicately scented skin.

Anti-aging night cream with Argan oil and Musk

This wonderful night cream is an excellent anti-aging treatment. While you sleep, your skin regenerates after the application of the cream! Sleep is a good time for cell regeneration, and thanks to the components of this cream (argan oil and shea butter), the process can be intensified.

In addition to the anti-aging effect, this cream has great moisturizing properties for the skin. In addition, its texture is very pleasant and light, and it penetrates easily, not to mention its delicious musk aroma.

Application of the Anti-Aging Night Cream with Argan Oil and Musk

The way it is administered is not a problem: simply apply it to the face, after washing or removing make-up. You must do it all over your face, with regular movements from the inside to the outside, from the chin to the forehead and from the chin to the chest.

“Men’s Discovery” box set – Choice #1"Men's Discovery" box set - Choice #1

“Discovery Men”, Choice #1 is our second proposal to be given at this particular time. This box set is designed for men. Inside this beautiful and elegant box, you will find two excellent products for face and beard care.

Yes, this set includes a bottle of natural and organic argan oil, and another, also of argan oil with sweet almond and castor oil, with the fascinating aroma of musk.

About the products

Argan oil, as we have already said, has excellent moisturizing properties for the skin. Almond and castor oils are also good options for the skin, as they have antiseptic and anti-aging properties.

The combination of oils mentioned above will also act as a moisturizer for your facial hair: it will help to strengthen it, make it grow faster, grow more abundantly, make it very shiny and repair it if it is damaged.

Argan, almond and castor oils are rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, which will be very beneficial (in addition to adding the powerful aroma of musk), and your skin and beard will thank you!

 Application of the products

These natural oils are easy to apply. After cleansing, simply apply a generous amount to the area you wish to moisturize or strengthen (either the face or beard). You can use both products during the day, after showering, or at night, before sleeping.

"Naturesse Discovery Duo" set“Naturesse Discovery Duo” set

Here is our fabulous third proposal: “Naturesse Discovery Duo“. A magnificent gift box containing a bottle of argan oil with orange blossom, and another bottle of argan oil with jasmine.

Earlier, we talked about the great properties of argan oil combined with orange blossom and how to use it. But what about argan oil with jasmine? We will tell you more about it later!

Natural argan oil with jasmine

Argan oil is an excellent moisturizer for the skin, as you well know. Jasmine, on the other hand, has antiseptic and healing properties. This combination of argan oil and jasmine is highly recommended for very dry and/or very sensitive skin. In addition to all these benefits, your skin will be perfumed by the intoxicating aroma of jasmine.

Application of Natural Argan Oil with Jasmine

As for the previous products, the application of the Natural Argan Oil with Jasmine is very easy. Just apply a good amount to the area of your skin to be treated, let it rest for a few minutes, and that’s it, your skin will be flawless.

“Naturesse Face Routine” set"Naturesse Face Routine" set

Our number four gift proposal is the “Naturesse Face Routine” set. By its name, you can already guess what it is. Inside the beautiful packaging, you will find a bottle of natural organic argan oil and a jar of “Ghassoul” clay, argan and essential oil scrub.

As you know, argan oil has excellent moisturizing properties for hair and skin. We will therefore not go too far into the subject. So, let’s talk about the exfoliant.

Exfoliating scrub with “Ghassoul” clay, argan and essential oils

Have you ever heard of “Ghassoul” clay? It is a product with great advantages and is very versatile. It has been used for a long time for skin and hair care. Ghassoul” clay has great purifying properties.

In combination with other oils (such as argan oil), it acts as an energizer, exfoliator, very gentle exfoliator and skin purifier, which will be dazzling. Your skin will look firm, vigorous and radiant.

Application of the Exfoliating Scrub with ” Ghassoul ” clay, argan and essential oils

There are two ways to use this wonderful product: as a face or hair mask and as a full body scrub. In either of these two uses, we recommend using it once a week, and we’ll tell you how:

  • To use it as a mask: you must take one or two spoons of product and mix it little by little with water until it forms a homogeneous paste. Apply the paste to hair or skin and leave on for fifteen minutes. After this time, you should massage the area in a circular motion and then rinse it off. Then moisturize your skin with argan oil.
  • To use this product as an exfoliant: apply it directly to your body and massage at the same time. If necessary, you can add water to obtain a paste-like consistency. Let stand for a few minutes and rinse with water as usual. Do not forget to moisturize after exfoliating your skin with argan oil. The result is breathtaking!

"Naturesse supreme night care" boxed set“Naturesse supreme night care” boxed set

The “Naturesse Supreme Night Care” decor is another great way to spoil a loved one with a gift. And what is it all about? It is a magnificent box containing a bottle of the fabulous natural argan oil with jasmine and a wonderful anti-aging cream with organic prickly pear oil, delicately scented with lemon verbena essential oil and green tea.

You already know the natural argan oil with jasmine, so we will tell you about the cream. Thanks to its content of vitamin E and certain fatty acids, this wonderful cream has excellent anti-aging properties.

Divine Night Cream with Prickly Pear and Verbena Seeds

This cream is an excellent option for correcting the most visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles. The combination of prickly pear and verbena provides special nutrition to the skin, in addition to repairing it. It also brings great hydration, firming, elasticity and tone to the skin.

Just apply it and let it rest while you sleep, you won’t believe the results you’ll get!

Application of the Divine Night Cream with Prickly Pear and Verbena Seeds

Applying Divine Night Cream with Prickly Pear and Lemon Verbena Seed Oil is one of the simplest things in the world. All you have to do is cleanse your skin beforehand (by washing it or removing make-up from your face) and apply a considerable amount to the area you want. Distribute the product by massaging it from the side.

We recommend that you repeat this process once a day, especially at night, and your skin will be very grateful. Just be careful with your eyes and avoid contact with the cream.

Roll-on Aacoche |Voyage Naturesse gift setRoll-on Aacoche |Voyage Naturesse gift set

Our sixth gift proposal for these special dates is called “Roll-von bag gift box: Naturesse travel“. You will surely wonder what this set consists of. It consists of three small bottles with a ball-point applicator (as the name suggests) of pure natural argan oil, scented with orange blossom and jasmine essences.

There is no need to say more, you already know the benefits of these wonderful products and how to apply them. In this reduced format, the oils are ideal for outdoor use as you can slip the ball applicator into your purse or pocket. The Roll-on Argan is also very practical to slip in the pocket of the coat of the children when they have chapped lips and dry hands during ski outings. The format is also perfect for travel as it saves space and makes it easy to apply on the skin. Moreover, thanks to the compact size, the format fits perfectly with Christmas socks!

"Discovery for Elle Naturesse" gift set“Discovery for Elle Naturesse” gift set

Proposal number seven: “Discovery for Elle Naturesse“. This box will be a beautiful gift for Her, as you can read in their name too. And what’s in this beautifully wrapped box? We tell you now.

This set consists of three specialized products for massages and treatments based on our special products: a bottle of pure organic argan oil, a bottle of argan oil scented with jasmine and a bottle of natural argan oil scented with orange blossom.

We have already told you about them, but it is good to summarize them a little: argan oil is an excellent moisturizer for skin and hair, jasmine has antiseptic and healing properties (recommended for dry or sensitive skin), and argan oil with orange blossom is an excellent tranquilizer and relaxer.

These products are also excellent antioxidants, rejuvenating and strengthening the skin and hair. Do not hesitate, give them the gift of well-being!

Men’s Discovery” box set – Choice #2Men's Discovery" box set - Choice #2

Our penultimate gift proposal for men is another alternative also designed for men. It is the “Discovery Men” box set, Choice #2. What’s inside this pretty box?

This box contains two products for the face and for the beard: a bottle of natural and organic argan oil and a bottle of organic argan oil combined with sweet almond oil and castor oil from the Atlas cedar.

So far, you already know the advantages of argan oil well enough. Let’s talk about the other product in more detail.

Argan oil with sweet almond oil and castor oil with the aroma of Atlas cedar

Beard and face oil with Organic Argan Oil with Cedar of the Atlas Cedar is an excellent treatment to have a silky and strong beard and a totally moisturized skin. Your beard will be very soft to the touch and your skin will be more beautiful than ever!

The combination of these oils will also promote the growth of facial hair in certain scattered areas. It is also recommended to use this product on sensitive skin, as the hydration it provides may reduce irritation or itching caused by external factors.

Application of the Beard and face oil with Organic Argan Oil with Cedar of Atlas Cedar

Its application is simple thanks to its packaging. Just apply a few drops to the area you want, and that’s it: beard and skin well cared for and with an intoxicating scent. We recommend using the product daily, for optimal results.

"Prestige Men Naturesse" gift set“Prestige Men Naturesse” gift set

Our ninth and final proposal is also for men. It is the gift box entitled “Prestige Men Naturesse“. Another very elegant box with very interesting products for the face and beard. Which product is it? We tell you here.

This set contains a bottle of argan oil combined with sweet almond oil, castor oil and green tea; a bottle of the already known argan oil with sweet almond oil, and castor oil with sweet almond oil and a musk aroma.

This fabulous gift box also includes a bottle of argan oil with almond oil and woody castor oil from the Atlas cedar, mixed with lemon. It would be a great gift for someone like your father, brother or partner.

About the products

Once again, argan oil is in the spotlight, its benefits are unparalleled. Green tea, mixed with argan oil, will bring extra hydration to your beard (in addition, it will promote its growth) and your face.

We have already talked about argan oil combined with sweet almond and castor oil, which has the fascinating aroma of musk: it has antiseptic and anti-aging properties for the skin, while strengthening the hair on your face.

Finally, castor oil with Atlas cedar wood will help make your beard softer and stronger, and your skin phenomenally moisturized. The lemon scent will give you an excellent bonus.

Product Application

As with the Choice Box #1, the application of these products is very easy. You must administer a generous amount to the area you wish to moisturize or strengthen (either the face or the beard), obviously after cleansing them beforehand.

As you’ve read, there are many gift possibilities for this special holiday season, so there’s no excuse anymore! If you have been interested in one of these gift sets, we invite you to buy it on our online store. It is important to note that by buying them, you will save money. You can check the individual prices of the products.

We are Naturesse, experts in the manufacture of natural personal care products based on argan oil and prickly pear seed oil. We offer and guarantee high quality and fair trade (moreover, we do not test our products on animals). If you have any questions, you can contact us, visit our blog or our website.

We wish you a happy holiday season from Naturesse!

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