Our beauty tips

Argan Oil cosmetic: A 100% natural oil for beautiful healthy hair:

Your hair is dry and damaged? Break and fall? Need some shine?

Looking for 100% natural care to promote its health? Too often, most people choose products that do not quite meet their needs!

Choose a natural, chemical-free solution that is simple and effective: Bio Naturesse Argan Oil is a key treatment with undeniable effectiveness to obtain resplendent hair! With the power to reshape your scalp from roots to the tips. Its restructuring and repairing role brings back life and radiance to dry hair, tarnished and fragile. It promotes hair growth. It would help you rediscover soft, strong, shiny and silky hair. Without the risk of giving your hair an oily effect since it is dry.


To give strength and vitality to fragile hair, apply Naturesse Argan Oil to the hair tips, avoiding the scalp or locks near the face, having to deal with oily locks hair. Gently massage with your hands or softly brush the hair to spread evenly the product well. Wrap your hair in a warm towel and let stand for about 20 to 30 minutes.

 Small Tip: To better enjoy the restoring oil, you can keep it wrapped overnight. Then apply your regular shampoo and rinse. The hair will be shiny and fortified!

You can also use Naturesse Argan Oil by barely touching the hair as in hair dressing oil use to protect it from the dehydrating effects of chlorine, sea salt or sunlight. A simple drop of Naturesse Argan Oil in a regular shampoo once a week will only do good to your hair.

 Moreover, it is important not to expose yourself to the sun before the oil is well absorbed; you will otherwise end up with scorched hair. One should also wait a little before using the flat iron or curling iron on the tips.

Brittle or soft nails?

Indeed, the problems of soft or brittle nails are periodic. To remedy to this, mix together lemon juice with a same quantity of Naturesse Argan Oil. Soak in your cleaned and unvarnished nails for 20 minutes.

Then, wash your hands with natural soap, preferably Naturesse soap. Repeat daily if your nails are brittle or whenever necessary. Keep it in a Naturesse bottle for a week.

  • For the body

Argan Oil is extremely nourishing and moisturizing, so you can use it after shower. Just a few drops to moisturize the whole body. You can also apply Naturesse Argan Oil before showering if your skin is very dry. To do so, massage the whole body with Argan Oil and let stand for half an hour. Then, relax in a hot water bath! What pleasure!

  • For the face

Argan Oil is recommended for all skin types.

Just apply a few drops of Naturesse Argan Oil on a clean face to enjoy its benefits:

  • Moisturize the dry skin face, soften it and restore its shine.
  • Protect the facial skin against dehydration. Argan Oil is dry and does not leave an oily film on the face. It easily penetrates the skin to soften it.
  • Strengthen the face skin firmness and restore its elasticity. It fights skin aging and prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

 Small tip: You can use Naturesse Argan Oil to remove eye make-up even if you are using a waterproof mascara.

For hands and feet

You can apply a drop of Argan Oil on your hands and massage them to soften them; especially moisturize during wintertime. Do not forget your nails which can also profit from the nourishing properties of this oil.

As for the feet, you can apply the Argan Oil to soften and moisturize your dry and damaged feet. You can use it daily or after exfoliation.