Our Range of Products

Our authentic range of products:


Elixir of youth and beauty, Naturesse Argan Oil is a 100% organic beauty serum, free of fragrance, phenoxyethanol and paraben, giving it a considerable advantage, thus avoiding allergic reactions *. It is free from animal-derived ingredients, mineral oils and chemical dyes. It is not tested on animals.

Argan Oil is a key beauty ally. So, it is important to make the right choice of Argan Bio oil whose quality is highly controlled at Naturesse thus respecting fairly rigorous standards.

It is also important to always check that it is a cosmetic and nonfood oil.

Combining the virtues of Argan Oil with its melting textures and subtle scents, our range of 100% natural and fair-trade products, will leave you spellbound by its perfumes coming from outside.

Naturesse has created for you a line of exceptional products of exception and high-quality Argan Oil based on an authentic and oriental ritual that Moroccan Berber women, known for their legendary beauty secret, used since the night beginning of time.

A naturally effective line comprising 100% natural pure and organic Argan Oils and Prickly Pear Seeds Oil.

You will take full advantage of their extraordinary virtues whether on your hair, face or body!

Naturesse also offers subtly fragrant oils with delicate scents that will sublimate your epidermis and make your massage a pure moment of wonder and escape!

Needless to say that the Naturesse range of products also includes magnificent day, night and hand creams. These exceptional and effective treatments will nourish and protect your skin, thanks to the exceptional moisturizing power of organic Argan Oil and its content of essential fatty acids and vitamin E.

Other products will be added over time, a line just for him and many others!

Just follow us to keep up to date on our new products!

 * Although Argan Oil has a reputation for not being allergenic, you may be allergic to it. To date, no cases of cosmetic oil allergy have been reported. However, it would be more recommended to do a test before applying it on your body. The argan tree produces nuts, and therefore may contain an allergenic element for some, as is the case for all walnuts.